Download ODP.NET and ODT Beta Release

Feature: Announcing ODP.NET and ODT Beta Release
Now Downloadable on OTN
Improve .NET developer productivity and performance tuning with the Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) for Windows beta. New features include:

  • Oracle Data Provider for .NET
    • Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing API
    • Faster DataSet and OracleDataReader Data Retrieval
    • Self-Tuning ODP.NET
    • Promotable Transactions
    • Code Access Security
    • High Availability Event Notification and Callback
    • Programmatic Database Startup and Shutdown
  • Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio
    • Oracle Performance Analyzer
    • Advanced Queuing Designers
    • Selection and Operation on Multiple Server Explorer Nodes
    • Collection Node Filtering
    • Server Explorer Node Paging
    • User and Role Designers and Users and Roles Server Explorer Nodes
    • Grant/Revoke Privileges Wizard Supports System Privileges and Roles
    • PL/SQL Compiler Settings Options Page
    • Table Designer Enhancements
    • Rename Schema Objects in Server Explorer
    • Oracle Trigger Designer Enhancements
  • Oracle Provider for OLE DB
    • Command Timeout and Command Cancel

Learn more about these features in the ODP.NET beta white paper. The Oracle .NET product management team is interested in your beta feedback. If you would like to provide direct feedback, email Alex Keh (ODP.NET) or Christian Shay (ODT).

source : oracle website

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