GDP-04 GSM Desktop Phone GSM

HP GSM Mirip Telp Meja

GDP-04 GSM Desktop Phone GSM
The GDP-04 is focused on use in offices and contemporary homes. It offers you an extended range of advanced call functions and Internet connectivity.

  • Standard desktop phone features operating on a GSM network
  • Elegant and professional design for office and home use

  • Optimized user interface for easy operation
  • QWERTY keyboard and large LCD for comfortable message writing and viewing
  • USB port and GPRS modem for Internet connectivity
  • Speakerphone for hands-free calling
  • Call management software

You can download the latest version of the JabloSuite call management software here.
Simple calling

Most people, at first, will not recognize the difference between the GSM desktop phone and a standard landline phone. A simulated dial tone and automatic number dialing commonly associated with the standard desk phone are featured.
Complete QWERTY keyboard

The character keyboard allows comfortable composition of SMS messages and easy and effective phonebook record maintenance and navigation.
Large graphical LCD

The illuminated screen shows menus, numbers, text messages and other information using characters big enough to read from the average working distance.

One-touch dialing buttons

Six buttons speed up the dialing of frequently used numbers stored in twelve memories NEW!. Easily write down the name of the speed dial number under the clear plastic label.
High quality speakerphone system

The speakerphone system features an advanced echo cancellation function and an automatic gain control for comfortable hands-free calling.
Internet connectivity NEW!

The built-in GPRS modem can be simply accessed through the standard USB port.

GSM VODAFONE GDP-04 SMS, USB Modem, Keyboard QWERTY, Wide LCD, FixPhone, Speaker Phone

Price :  $ 76.00

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